Cool Joyous Petite

You can call me Cam. 18, film enthusiast on the road to becoming a nurse. I believe in God in all His glories and I owe Him all the credit. I have no intentions in pushing you to believe Him, but at the least.. you'll see glimpses of Him through me. let's be friends, shall we? I don't bite ;)

Candid eatin’ #100daysofsummer #9daysleft

Check in’ to see if my money was with it with these course readers… While eating juicy burger, yum! 😋 #100daysofsummer #10daysleft

Happy Birthday to my awesomesauce friend and #WalkingWednesdays partner! I’m so blessed to have met her because she is one of the people I hold dear in my heart 💕 I think without her, this summer would be bland, I wouldn’t be out as much, and I wouldn’t get my daily news of the Youtubers I once obsessed over.. 😆 so here is to her! And may there be many more years to come 😊 unless she does of massive fan attack.. Lol. God bless you, Meri, and may He be present in your future endeavors! I love you like cray, and I hope you had a fantastic birthday today 😘

Much Love,
Camille 😁

Watch in’ HSM 2 with @missmerimak & @holylucien 😊





B-day breakfast at the Silverlake Meadows with @missmerimak 😊

I stole their tooth, now, they’re chasin’ meeeee!

I’m a dinosaur.

The highlight of the day was picnicin’ outside the Natural History Museum. 😊 #seriouspotatochipisserious #100daysofsummer #12daysleft