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You can call me Cam. 18, film enthusiast on the road to becoming a nurse. I believe in God in all His glories and I owe Him all the credit. I have no intentions in pushing you to believe Him, but at the least.. you'll see glimpses of Him through me. let's be friends, shall we? I don't bite ;)

So I just got this in the mail today… I would like to thank @missmerimak for helping me achieve this important (not really important 😆) milestone in my life. #lolwhat.

Wow, sassy now, are we? #stupidbookdoesnteventeach

Uhmm.. New hangout spot? Yes. #Dluv

Mr. Grumpy Cat disapproves of the dress. 🐱👗

I just want to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the latest and greatest people I have ever met this year, @mikhail_elior! She’s awesome, sweet, very caring, and super duper smart and self-motivated, qualities that I admire the most from her.

Happy Birthday, ateh (even though you’re only 2-3 months older than me 😂), I’m very blessed that God has placed you into my life because it has made a tremendous impact and I hope you continue becoming a light in this world. I totes admire you 😉 may the Lord bless and keep you and may there be many more birthdays to come!

Love Always,
Camille 💕💕

Two hour gaps are the best #collegelyfe

My roomies > your roomies 💛💙💛 #firstday

Mr. Grumpy Cat is grumpy. 😠 (at Dykstra Hall)

Package from @semisenu 😄 everyone is thinking that it’s a kindle… Lol. 😂


Facetimed with the fambam today… Because it not like I live ten miles away or anything… #actuallyIdo

Just got back from #BruinBash 😄😁 #UCLATransportation

College-ing. #100daysofsummer #0daysleft #itsova

I moved in today 😄 #100daysofsummer #1dayleft

Okay… So this is kinda awkward… I haven’t been posting on this blog, and now… I suddenly start… Lol.

But I wanted to write something… That really meant a lot to me.. And it just feels as if I did not express how much it did mean to me… And so here goes.

Today, I attended youth night… For like the 8th, 9th time.. And I guess it was filled with surprises because we got to praise and worship at the tent, music was mellow, and I awkwardly gave a speech about giving…. What touched me the most is that they acknowledged my existence… In a very.. sweet way. They prayed for me, all the gladies went around and laid their hands on me… they made me feel like I was a part of them, and I was even addressed to during the study.. And a part of me wished I didn’t have to go.. And that summer would not end…

Unresponsive as I was.. I didn’t know how to express the reactions I had.. Like.. It’s hard. Especially in a group that I just joined.. So, truth be told, it was hard to express the things I should be expressing. I mean, deep down, it shouldn’t be that hard to express the joy and the feeling of belonging… But wow, I’ve never been this shy that I become even more quiet.. Oh gosh.. Is there any way out of this.

But moreover, I just wanted to document this night, because it was filled with mixed feelings of joy, sadness, and the feeling of being loved by so many people… And it saddens me that I didn’t talk as much, or didn’t express the love I should be expressing… But I know these people would be patient… And I’ll try my best to not annoy them as much… Hopefully.