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You can call me Cam. 18, film enthusiast on the road to becoming a nurse. I believe in God in all His glories and I owe Him all the credit. I have no intentions in pushing you to believe Him, but at the least.. you'll see glimpses of Him through me. let's be friends, shall we? I don't bite ;)

This is what went down at the tar tar pits today. Also did you know Brea is Spanish for tar? But anyways, today kicks off #TouringTuesdays! 😊#100daysofsummer #26daysleft #LaBreaTarPits

Twinnies (at The La Brea Tar Pits)

Chillin’ with @safamahbub @sabamahbub 😊 (at The La Brea Tar Pits)

The saddest thing about this is that the used book is more expensive than the new one. High school students, take note, do well in AP English, or else you end up like me, paying for overpriced textbooks. *creis* 😭 #shoppinfortextbookslikeabrokecollegestudent #100daysofsummer #28daysleft

Romans 14:19 spoke to me in a way that supported the new things I experienced this past week… Which makes me extremely glad in an unexplainable way at the moment ☺️ #ScriptureSunday #peaceyo

It’s good to be home… And get a good 12 hour sleep. #100daysofsummer #39daysleft

Offish a bruin. #derp #ORIENTATIONISOVERERD

Uhmm.. I took this pic when we were doing carpe noctum (is that how you spell it..?) and, well… This is all I have lol #lameeee

Some of the peeps from Christian Students dropped off some boba to ease the pains of planning for classes. The pain has been eased ☺️

FEASTin’ #day2 #orientation #100daysofsummer #42daysleft

The sound of a triple with no roomies.

So I recently found about this guy, Marcos Giron, playing Isner (seeded #13) at the moment. Giron played college tennis for UCLA!! Wooo~ #BruinPride I’m sorry if you cannot see very well, I’m using some lo-fi device :)

It has begun. #100daysofsummer #34daysleft

Google’s on board with this tennis thing… πŸ˜…

I got my nails did for orientation. #2daystillthen #AMIAPRETTYBEAR #Imsupposedtobeabear #100daysofsummer #35daysleft